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Passenger's claim of decent onboard train wi-fi being looked into

Transport Focus, the independent watchdog for transport users, said the claim, if true, would finally give the answer to the question - if a passenger successfully connects to the onboard wi-fi when there is no-one there to verify it, did it happen?

representing the watchdog, Mr Toby Nesbitt, was confident his organisation would get an answer, pointing to past successes. 'It was us that proved trapped in a train toilet no-one can hear you scream'.

The passenger making the claim, Gita Turnbull, says she was able to connect to the wi-fi on the GWR service to London from Bristol Temple Meads, long enough to watch an episode of the new BBC adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days.

Ms Turnbull was unable to elaborate further as she had a rail replacement bus service to catch. However, she did add, 'If Phileas Fogg had had to travel by GWR he wouldn't have won his wager. And even he would have balked at the price of a ticket'.

GWR was approached for a comment but insisted they would need someone to contact them by email before they could comment.

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