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Train driver dreams of one day becoming a 10-year-old boy

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

A train driver from Whitechapel in East London has told a local newspaper that his greatest wish is to be a 10-year-old boy.

Toby Dell, 54, told The East London Gazette: 'When I get home from my train driving job in the evenings I often start daydreaming about one day being 10-years-old.

'I imagine myself doing things like collecting conkers, scrumping apples, having wrestling matches with my dad in the back garden and pulling girls' ponytails in the classroom.

'When my wife's out shopping or visiting her sister, I put on a pair of tatty shorts along with a grubby white shirt and a poorly knotted stripey tie.

'I then go out in the street and kick a football around until it gets dark and I have to go home for my tea.

'I've been jeered at and even beaten up a few times but it's worth it to live my dream."

Mr Dell's revelation comes just two weeks after the current Miss World told Hello magazine that she regularly dreams of one day becoming a gawky, skinny teenager with glasses and braces on her teeth that can't get a boyfriend for love nor money.


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