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President Biden accidentally has 'constructive' talks with Wilfred Johnson

President Joe Biden held three hours of talks with one-year-old Wilfred Johnson in Cornwall yesterday, after mistaking him for his father, Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

‘It was a genuine and easy mistake to make,’ a US aide said. ‘We saw the tousled blond hair and heard him making a kind of gibberish noise, which matched the description of the Prime Minister we'd been given.’

There followed intense three-hour talks between Wilfred and Biden covering a range of issues, which only stopped because it was nap time. Whilst the President was napping, Wilfred spent some time playing on the beach.

Biden, who doesn't seem to have realised the mistake yet, was later overheard saying the talks were ‘constructive’. He said: ‘I wasn't sure that I would get on with him, but we bonded over the need to have our food all mushed up.’

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