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Russian sharp shooters kill 5 Ukrainian soldiers with 81 missiles


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Frank Sterle
Frank Sterle
Mar 11, 2023

What always needs to be told are the instances of immense mass inhumanity prevalent in war.

However precious, human beings can actually be consciously or subconsciously perceived and treated as though they are disposable and, by extension, their suffering and death are somehow less worthy of external concern, sometimes even by otherwise democratic and relatively civilized nations.

The most profound example I watched via WWII historical footage is a concentration-camp bulldozer scooping/pushing naked emaciated bodies for disposal, literally treated like garbage. Good God!

Russia’s current militarily-unprovoked brutal attack against and mass slaughter of Ukrainian people may be a reflection of the perceived human disposability in Stalin’s Soviet Union. The Ukrainian famine—known as the Holodomor—alone killed about 3.9 million people, from…

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