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San Francisco cops stopping self drive car disappointed they had no-one to beat up

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

When two San Francisco cops pulled up a car travelling without lights on at dusk, they expected to be handing out a citation and and a good hiding. 'The car was obviously pimped, so you know what that means,' said one of the cops. Unfortunately for the cops the car was a self driving specimen powered by General Motors autonomously. 'There was nobody in the car,' exclaimed the cop, who was then bemused when the car started its engine and relocated 300 feet further down the street.

The policemen have been assured that the vehicle wasn't breaking any rules, although GM held their hands up to say the failure to put the lights on was a human error, not a computer error. 'It's all ok,' said the other cop. 'We stuck a citation under the wiper blade anyway and fortunately noticed a black guy walking past the car, so we beat him up anyway. He'll be in jail for a few years now for resisting arrest,' he added.

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