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Study finds half of UK adults believe crumbs that fall into toaster ‘just disappear'

A new study has shown that 53% of UK adults believe the crumbs which fall into their toaster simply disappear without a trace.

'It’s like cremation, isn’t it?' suggests participant Lee Halsall, 'Or when something falls through the barbecue grill. Gone forever.'

Lead researcher Stella Holmes explains: 'This study provides further evidence that we are not teaching our children the practical skills they need to be effective in life. We badly need educational reforms to introduce courses like financial literacy, critical thinking and object permanence.'

It remains to be seen what purpose, if any, those in the ‘disappear’ camp believe a toaster’s crumb tray serves. Unfortunately Mr. Halsall could not be reached for further comment as his toaster had inexplicably caught fire.

image pixabay/PublicDomainPuictures

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