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Telford man stops petrol pump ‘bang on twenty quid’ for record time

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Steve Vickers, a hand-drier salesman from Telford, is congratulating himself after his streak of dispensing exactly £20 of fuel from a petrol pump ran into a 57th consecutive week. Vickers reached the new high at his local Shell garage, beating his previous best mark from 2008.

‘Did you see that?’ Vickers asked the assembled crowd of his wife and nine-year-old daughter, who were sat impassively inside the family Hyundai i20, next to pump 3. ‘Perfect pressure on the trigger throughout, followed by a textbook release. Stevo nails it again’, he continued, raising the hose and blowing on the end of the nozzle to mimic a Western gunslinger.

Vickers paused to denounce the ‘saddoes’ who keep a load of 1p and 2p coins in the cup tray next to the handbrake ‘in case they overshoot’ to the cashier and queuing customers. He then celebrated his success with 57p Mars Bar, which he purchased alongside his fuel on a credit card.


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