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Venus Fly Traps for life not just for Christmas

Botanists have today started a campaign informing the public that Venus fly traps are not just for Christmas but for life. Sales of Venus Fly Traps have increased in recent weeks following the release of the John Lewis adverts. Venus Fly Trap Support groups are concerned they will be overwhelmed by unwanted plants which will need to be rehomed as people realise they don't have a smiling plant and instead have to feed it flies regularly.

'Venus Fly Traps need lots of love and care' says Steven Archer from the Fly Trap Supporters Group. 'It isn't all just fun and confetti. They're your Venus, they're your fire and your desire.'

Little shop of horrors John Lewis have been in trouble with support groups before after increases in sales of penguins and the number of grandpas being sent to the moon.

Author: u9537503

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