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We're not getting angrier, so f@ck you, say women

Women are reacting to the latest survey that says they are getting angrier, with anger levels at a ten year high. 'If anyone suggests that one more time I'm going to ram the report up their ar$e,' insisted Donna, 34 and seething, today. Gemma agrees, 'just because we shout a little louder, thump strangers for no apparent reason and use the Daily Mail as a reference source for everything that is wrong with the world today doesn't mean we're angry, we're just fuming a little. Well a lot'.

Professor Barry English from Southampton University 'Anger-Management Research Institute' thinks the report has failed to recognise that in fact it is men who have become more mild-mannered, co-operative and helpful. 'Women may appear to be angrier, but in fact men are just a lot nicer, certainly in my house,' he said as Mrs English battered him into a senseless stupor at the sound of his voice. 'If that overpaid, under-worked, lazy, shiftless so-and-so who can't be are$ed to put the toilet seat down just once opens his f@cking gob one more time,' she said, while agreeing with him the report was inaccurate.

'I've always been angry, and anyone who says otherwise is going to get lamped,' she said.

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