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Woman ridden with guilt over looking for new laptops on her current laptop

Chloe Plant, 28, from Shrewsbury has been wracked with guilt after deciding that she needs a new laptop. "My current laptop is getting a little slow, and the poor thing struggles a bit sometimes. But it's my life. My everything, really. I do all of my work on it, so it's my source of income, and there are few things I do outside of work where I don't use it. It's rarely off my lap when I'm on the sofa, and during the winter months it even keeps my foofoo warm."

"Six years it's been in my life, and we've done everything together. I suppose... yes... I love it. I am in love with it. But I know we can't be together forever, and when it came to looking for a new one, I just couldn't bring myself to, well, you know, use old trusty, faithful Lappy to search for his replacement. I had to borrow my housemate's. No problem using her disgusting pink one - no one could feel anything for a showpony like that. But if I'd used Lappy, I would have felt so disloyal. So treacherous. So dirty. Oh, I can't even think about it - please give me a moment..."

"...I feel like he would have known. It would have broken his heart. Lappy won't leave my life, though. I'm not going to trade him in or throw him away or anything. He'll have a special place in my red plastic crate of electronic stuff under my bed.

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