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Wimbledon Ladies’ Prettiness Championship enters tense final stages

men's final on Sunday Phworr, she should definitely make the semis

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Father admits he didn’t actually spend summer outdoors

preferred staying in watching Muffin the Mule ‘But my Atari was educational…’

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America remembers those fallen during viewings of ‘Independence Day’

victims should have watched 'Mars Attacks!' instead‘Thousands never made it out of the movie theatres alive. It was carnage.’

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Tim Henman out of Wimbledon commentary box

large crowd gathered to watch the big screen at Wimbledon, now dubbed ‘Timmy’s telly’, as Henman made his commentating debut on the Woman’s singles game between Li and Rodionova. However, he was completely out-analysed by Francesco Nova, who was making his debut for SportItalia.

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Greece votes to change billing address

'Greece is out right now...'The Greek electorate has been celebrating the adoption of a national policy of ‘the cheque being in the post’ by a larger than expected margin in early elections.

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