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Boy’s sexual awakening embarrassingly coincides with family’s Bond movie viewing

Won't work out why she's got such a funny name until he's at least fifteenTim Vallely, a 12-year-old boy from Wiltshire, became aware of the power of the intrinsic primal attraction of the opposite sex for the first time this weekend, when sitting on the living room floor while surrounded by three generations of his family watching a Sunday evening James Bond movie.

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Cameron kicks off election campaign by blacking up

the biggest change yet seen in Gordon Brown's 'Age of change'.Tory leader David Cameron has made a controversial start to his election campaign today after appearing on the BBC’s Daily Politics show apparently in full face blacking complete with a tightly-curled wig.

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Bill Oddie and Kate Humble to present ‘Suicidewatch’

viewers already asking; 'Is it twitching?'Following the enormous success of the genteel seasonal programmes fronted by two national treasures, the BBC has announced that the latest observational wildlife series will be launched later this year live from HMP Wakefield.

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Children’s TV presenter finding the job ‘demeaning’

'A performance? Well, yes. But is it valid?'Brian Griffiths, a 32 year old children’s TV presenter, has claimed that his role is insufficiently challenging, and that TV bosses are failing to properly utilise his talents.

‘Honestly, a two-year old could do this stuff,’ he reveals in a soul-baring interview with the Radio Times. ‘I did two seasons at the Leicester Playhouse, and two at the National. People still stop me in the street to comment on my ‘Little Dorrit’, and yet look at me now, leaping up and down alongside some crazy-haired bimbo in yellow dungarees; singing a song about how kangaroos can bounce up and down. Really? They can? No shit!’

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Self-employed plumber still on strike

can't stand idly by watching his career go down the drainSelf-employed Bolton plumber Dave North has today announced further strikes in an ongoing and increasingly bitter row with himself over pay and benefits.

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