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Harry calls for compulsory gardening duties for 18-20 year-olds

‘I dread to think where I’d be today if he hadn’t spent my formative years deadheading verbenas and repotting bromeliads in granny’s greenhouse,’ said the ginger-fingered hybrid.

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Charles ‘may have been sending letters since the 1970s’

In a newly-discovered note to James Callaghan, from 1976 the Prince of Wales: ‘Dear Jim, Please can you fix it for me that mummy abdicates before bloody Halley’s comet comes around again. Sincerely, Charles, age 28.’

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Customers who hesitate to call could face prosecution

A new measure, enshrined in law, could bring to an end centuries of lunacy, when businesses were forced to tell customers ‘Please don’t hesitate’ to contact them with any queries.

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Siege ends after Edstone gives itself up

A three-day stand-off between police and Ed Miliband’s pledge stone, which had been holed up in a South-East London warehouse since Friday, has ended when the stone gave itself up.

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North Pole to release Prince Charles Santa Letters

After bowing to legal pressure, Father Christmas has decided to release all of the letters he has ever received from Prince Charles.

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