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Awards ceremony happens in America

Pictures of some the attendees were made available in a number of newspapers.

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Starlets pose on red carpet at the Saudi Film Awards


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‘Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ say limpets

Limpets appear to be revelling in their new tough image after their teeth were discovered to consist of the strongest biological material ever tested. Continuing research suggests that groups of limpets have begun inflicting a reign of terror on their fellow organisms, taking over rock pools and ruling with a stronger-than-iron grip.

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Labour voter used HSBC cash machine, claim Tories

A Labour voter once used an HSBC cash machine to withdraw money, Tory officials have claimed, deftly putting the HSBC ball firmly back in Labour’s court. The statement was made in response to Labour’s suggestion that Tory supporters and donors were amongst those HSBC helped to avoid tax, which the Tories couldn’t initially answer.

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Eastenders storyline ‘not written by Kat Slater’s tits’, claim BBC

The BBC reacted promptly yesterday after accusations that this week’s Eastenders storyline was written by Kat Slater’s improbable breasts, flubbering on a keyboard during breaks in filming.

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