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AI technology will be changing the way you shop

Supermarkets have always claimed that shoppers choose to shop in them because they offer more choice, however this may be due to change now that technology has advanced. Having successfully ensured shoppers sign up for loyalty card schemes to be able to shop in supermarkets so the discount gained from using the loyalty cards means they pay the true price of the goods, the data gathered on your shopping habits and lifestyle is to be used to reduce the amount of choice available to you. New loyalty cards with embedded electronics are to be issued in the coming months, which will identify you as a unique customer from the moment you enter the store. Technology will be embedded in the trolley, enabling it to only be steered along aisles the AI wants it to go and the trolley will occasional be come immoveable when it is alongside an item the supermarket is keen that you purchase. Customers are not expected to notice anything materially different in this respect to when they get a trolley with a wonky wheel. Advanced packaging linked to the technology will have an invisibility cloak feature that can be turned on or off by the AI to give the impression there is only one item on the shelf, although it may not be necessary to use this function unless Brexit restrictions ease. Cameras around the store will allow the technology to determine whether there’s been any increase in the body mass of your kids since your recent shops and if not, the technology will ensure you can only buy them junk food; and if they are getting ridiculously fat, you’ll be forced to buy them ludicrously expensive healthy food. A spokescrook for the government told Newsbiscuit it welcomes the technology as it will make the shopping experience more efficient, boost productivity and thus lead to growth.

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lekor adams
lekor adams
Feb 26

AI technology, similar to the innovative office technological solutions provided by Da-Com in Missouri and Illinois, is set to revolutionize the shopping experience. Just as Da-Com tailors its services to meet the unique business processes and workflows of its clients, AI customizes the shopping journey, offering personalized recommendations and streamlined searches based on consumer behavior and preferences. This shift towards a more bespoke shopping experience not only enhances customer satisfaction but also optimizes efficiency, mirroring Da-Com's commitment to exceptional service and client-specific solutions. Furthermore, AI's ability to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time can lead to more informed purchasing decisions, akin to Da-Com's approach of creating tailored action plans for its clients. As Da-Com seeks to build long-term, meaningful…

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