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Alf Garnett too late to stop Brexit

Frustratingly the BBC's re-boot of 'Till Death Us Do Part' has missed its chance to spread a message of brotherly love to wavering Referendum voters. Alf's sage commentary on multi-culturalism and the need for an integrated Europe, could so easily have tipped the balance in favour of the 'bloody foreigners'.

Explained one critic: 'Its nonsense to suggest that this is the sitcom equivalent of an UKIP poster. Clearly a it's clever play within a play. At a time when the UK is seeing a spike in hate crimes, it makes perfect sense to return to ambiguous comic xenophobia'. Said one smug BBC executive: 'The wonderful thing about Alf is he could be enjoyed by everyone - liberals could see him as an 'ironic' racist figure, while the rest of us could just take him on face value'.

Later this year the BBC plans to re-shooting several missing black and white episodes - although so far they have found only the white ones. Sadly David Cameron must now be kicking himself that he did not have Alf Garnett by his side to make the case for Europe. Although Theresa May has said it is not too late for a 70's bigot to join her Cabinet, but she may have been referencing Liam Fox.

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