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All Yeezys are knitted by Kanye West’s nan

It turns out that West’s signature shoe was first based on a dopily crochet pattern. The designer trainer was not inspired by L.A. music scene but was in fact a template for stripped bobble hat and matching scarf.

Instead of sweat shops filled with children, Yeezys are manufactured in care homes; where legions of octogenarians knit around the clock. Kanye’s nan confessed: ‘He asked me for a pair boots, but I thought he said booties.’

There are some disadvantages to a knitted shoe, not least of which is it weighs 60kilos on a rainy day. Although his grandmother insisted that cosy shoe should not be worn indoors, as you: ‘You won't feel the benefit when you go outside’.

Later this year Adidas plan to release an ‘edgy line’ of gangland themed mittens and hot water bottle covers. West himself has won a total of 21 Grammy Awards, one for each of the shoes his Grammy has knitted.

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