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Ant and Dec added to list of proscribed organisations

.In a surprise move, it was announced today cheeky Geordie duo, Ant & Dec, have been added to the list of proscribed organisations from September.

A spokesman for the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport said: 'Something has to be done. Their brand of yeasty banter and faux blokiness has been allowed to fester and must be stopped. They have long outstayed their welcome and are becoming irritating beyond all belief.

'I'm amazed that Noel Edmonds has not brought a legal action against them for blatantly ripping off his "House Party" and rebranding it as risible drivel, "Saturday Night Takeaway.

'Their hopeless antics ought to have been curtailed years ago, but still, better late than never. If they appear on our TV screens again they will be arrested.'

It's understood Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and Keith Lemon (Leigh Francis) have consulted lawyers to ensure they don't suffer a similar fate.'

However, one showbiz legal expert commented: 'I think these three are swimming against the tide, as it looks as if this utterly incompetent government is going to finally do something that can be applauded by all sections of the public.'

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