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Biden campaign leaves old folks’ home with wrong doddery old man

President Biden’s campaign for re-election suffered another setback today when it emerged that, after a campaign stop in an old folks’ home, his entourage left with the wrong doddery old man.

'Look, you can’t blame me” said an embarrassed aide. “They were dressed in the same comfortable leisurewear with stretch pants. And sure, the old man kept saying ‘Hey, let go of me, who the hell are you people…’ But so does Joe most days.

'It was only when he said his urine bag was full, and I thought ‘That's weird, we emptied it an hour ago’ that I realised our mistake.”

It’s thought this wasn’t the only embarrassment of the day, as witnesses report that Joe sat down next to a very frail old lady and said “Hello my dear, do you know who I am?” and she replied “I’m sorry dear, I don’t - but ask one of the nurses, she’ll tell you.”

Meanwhile, several bookshops report they’ve taken all their books alleging that it doesn’t matter who’s President because “the deep state” is really in charge out of the “dystopian fiction” section, and put them in a new section called “Please God let this be true”.

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