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Braverman goes on PR camping trip to demonstrate appropriate tent usage

Following her recent comments on rough sleepers, Suella Braverman has taken a short trip to the Surrey countryside with her family to make a clear statement on how tents should be used. ‘She has nothing but love for the spirit of camping’ wrote her spokesperson on Tuesday morning, ‘She is staying for two nights at Surrey Oaks Campsite, after which she will pack up the tent and return to her London home. This is what she considers the appropriate use of a tent.’

The press were invited to join Braverman on the trip, where the Home Secretary was seen loudly imparting her tips for pitching a tent to a flurry of cameras. She could be heard exclaiming, ‘See how much easier the pegs are to hammer in when you’re in the countryside. Much easier than the hard concrete down the Southbank.’

After a well-forecasted two nights a spokesperson delivered another public statement while packing up her tent. ‘I strongly urge anyone camping illegally to pack up your tent as well. ’

Later in the evening, the spokesperson told the press that ‘We hope that Suella's spirited rural excursion will inspire all rough sleepers to follow in her footsteps, by taking their tents to a campsite, paying the fee they cannot afford and then returning to the home they do not have.’

Author: arboriomulling

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