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Brazilian extinction advocate vacillates regarding own destiny

Trump-adjacent weirdo, Jair Bolsonaro, has publicly declared he will either win the next election, be arrested, or killed. His apparent difficulty in deciding has confused followers of the angry president. One supporter in Sao Paolo muttered: 'Bolsonaro is not some kind of cheap hair care product you expect to wash out like that.

Usually he has strong opinions about everything – he is clear about the importance of killing all the animals in the forest, he said if his son is gay he wants him to have a deadly accident. So I don’t understand this wimpy three-way hedge. Is it possible he is not well?'

However, opposition leader Luiz Inacio de Silva commented favourably on Bolsonaro’s announcement, saying: 'Some people think he is a bit of a meatloaf, but he’s got some good ideas. Two out of three ain’t bad.'

hat tip Titus

photo Pixabay

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