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British car industry to be run by Mad Max.

Years after the collapse of civilization and several hours after Brexit, a lone road-warrior is to be given the task of rebuilding the UK's auto industry and fighting off marauding biker gangs. All cars will be in the style of a 1974 Ford Falcon XB sedan, but you will have choice of colour for your furry dice.

British cars will have less luxury extras as their continental rivals, but they will come with blades on the hubcaps and a complimentary sawn-off shotgun. While not compulsory, it is advised that passengers have a Mohawk hairstyle and bring a dingo - 'just in case'.

Mr. Max would bring a much needed optimism to the British car industry and the UK's leather-bondage haberdashers. Driving Safety campaigners cautiously welcomed the news: 'We don't condone killing your fellow motorists in a blood-thirsty revenge, but if it’s good enough for the Duke of Edinburgh. And if it keeps Jeremy Clarkson off the street...'

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