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Cameron and Clegg to form 'sorry duet'

Agents for David Cameron and Nick Clegg have announced today that the talented pair of apologists will form a 'duet' to delight their fans with harmonised atonements and excuses. The pair are tipped to top the charts with such classics as, 'Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word', 'Careless Whispers' and ‘A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You’ by the Monkees.

The talented pair were convinced to put their solo singing careers to one side, after delighted fans overheard David Cameron rehearsing an old favourite by Dead or Alive; 'you spin me right round (like a record, baby)', with Clegg backing lustily in the House of Commons toilets. The Chief Whip admitted the pair had some artistic differences, but that they were made to be together. 'We have been trying to convince them to sing from the same hymn sheet for ages now. They have a huge fanbase, particularly among Labour back benchers'.

The coalition faithful are speculating wildly about the stage name the pair will play under, with 'No Direction,' 'The New Jonas Brothers', 'So Busted' and 'Colour me Blue' all being touted as favourites.

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