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‘Doc’ Brown to feature on new £50 note

Dr Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown, the eminent scientist who proved that it is possible to travel back and forth in time in a souped-up sports car, has been chosen from a list of over 100,000 acclaimed scientists from around the world to appear on the new £50 note, the Bank of England has confirmed.

‘Doc Brown wasn’t the only wide-eyed, deluded and insane scientist face nominated for the new banknote’ ,revealed Advisory Committee chair Jason Beesley, ‘but we reasoned he was the only face people wouldn’t want to wipe their arse on. We are sure he will be a popular choice, not least with the young guy who left a £100 bet at 9000/1 with Ladbrokes in 1985 that he would appear on a bank note in 2019. How he came up with a prediction like that is anybody’s guess’.

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