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Dominic Raab secures lead role in new sitcom - Fawlty Powers

Dominic Raab is set to take on the leading role in a new sitcom it has been announced.

‘Fawlty Powers’ will take a quirky, light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of an allegedly aggressive, bullying, senior politician as he haplessly tries to lead a number of government departments, causing distress and long-term mental-health problems amongst the staff that he manages.

‘This role is made for Raaby to come and do that whole micro-aggressive, offensive, bullying shtick that we know and love’, said one government insider. ‘At least I think ‘offensive, bullying shtick’ was what a civil servant said about him in the corridor this morning.’

‘In the trailer for the first episode Dom comes in to a meeting and hilariously belittles a group of civil-servants, swearing profusely, and is generally a total twat, causing a number of staff to sign themselves off on long-term sickness, or ask to be moved to other departments. It’s comedy gold’.

Rishi Sunak is set to appear in the sitcom as a bumbling waiter, who is always trying to support the hopeless Raab by constantly claiming ‘I know nothing’.

No-one has been cast yet as the racist, old-school Major yet, although the new Deputy Chair of the Tory Party Lee Anderson along with a number of other Conservative MPs are thought to be interested.

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