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Fat Owl of the Remove snubbed at school reunion

"I say, chaps. It's the awful oik Johnson. Who let him in?"

"I think he must have sneaked in through a toilet window."

"More like crawled in under a hedge."

"Look at the state of him. You'd think he'd have learnt how to tuck his shirt in by now."

"Still doesn't use a hairbrush, I see.

"Where did he end up after he left us?'

"He went to that Britain Comprehensive."

"The one in Special Measures?"

"That's the one."

"Well, I think someone should show him the door. Trudeau is a big lad. Let's get him to do it."

"No. We don't want to spoil this get together with any unpleasantness. Let's just ignore him."

"Right you are."

"Agreed. Joe, old chap nice to see you. How was the flight?"

Boris: "Thinks ... The rotters. What a mouldy chiz."

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