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Flight Simulator 2022 : UK Flights Edition to launch

Enjoy the disappointment of your cancelled holiday from your home with the UK Flights edition of the Flight Simulator series. Building on the thrill of not being able to take off or land due to incomplete pilot skills, you can experience the flight simulation from the perspective of simulated passengers - or passengers as most airlines refer to them these days.

You will experience the accurately modelled hours of tedium and frustration felt by thousands as all of your flights are cancelled after a six hour wait, unless you are still using a Pentium in which case you will have this experience on any version of flight simulation.

But wait... even more... buy the expansion pack and experience the excruciating joy of days on hold waiting to make your compensation claim while your simulated baggage is directed on to several other cancelled simulated flights before being crushed by simulated baggage trolleys and sent to a simulated destination you will never see.

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