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Gok Wan drafted in to help with Sunak’s image

Rish! Sunak’s political advisors have been at something of a loss to identify anything that will make the Prime Minister stand out from the crowd other than his diminutive stature, which isn’t the greatest asset a politician can have.

Other politicians have been able to find props that people remember, such as Michael Fabricant’s toupee, George Galloway’s wide brimmed hat or that fat bloke few wish to remember who wore scruffy suits and a carefully dishevelled haircut, so in order to make Rish! more memorable, they have drafted in fashion consultant Gok Wan, to see if he can assist with a makeover.

Newsbiscuit understands from Gok Wan that Rish! has refused the suggestions made in the initial telephone call the advisors had with Gok that Rishi could be made to look good naked, or that changing his elevator shoes to more obvious stilleto heels would be something for people to look out for.

Gok told us that Rish! will need to drop the boring Saville Row suits for something more distinctive and that possibly, if he wore pastel-coloured ten-gallon hats he would be more noticeable.

image from pixabay

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