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Greggs to replace AA as UK’s 4th Emergency Service

British bakery chain Greggs is to replace the AA as Britains 4th Emergency Service revealed Britain’s oldest motoring magazine.Motoring experts agree that over the years road vehicles have become increasingly reliable and the need for emergency roadside assistance has been greatly reduced.

‘In recent times the average family car has become pretty much hassle free and not much can go wrong with them anymore’ said CAR magazine correspondent Jason Beesley ‘On the other hand, the need for an emergency snack, savoury bake or hot beverage while on your way to work has increased exponentially’.

The initiative is to be trialled in Wales first and a limit of 20 items per customer will be allowed near hospitals, schools and busy built up areas.

At the first signs of hunger, customers will be encouraged to pull over into the nearest lay-by and ring their nearest Gregg’s. ‘There is still a need for thick, cloying, impenetrable grease that sticks to everything it comes into contact with’ said Jason…’but around your bacon and cheese wrap…not your axle. It’s foolish to think you can make it all the way from home to work without wanting a stake bake or caramel latte….

The last time I broke down at the side of the road was when I drove past Gregg’s and found it was shut.

Download the Gregg’s app today….it’s simply not worth the risk.

image from pixabay

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