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Hedgehogs prepared for yet another winter lockdown

With autumn now upon us, hedgehogs across the UK are being asked to self-isolate for up to six months.

Hedgehog Professor Giles Sonic said: 'No doubt there's a bumpy road ahead, but we need to flatten the curve and avoid another spike.'

Lake District housewife Mrs Tiggy-Winkle said that her family had faced this sort of lockdown many times before and were used to self isolating.

On the prickly subject of stockpiling, she had been gathering material for some time. 'I've been making a pile which leaves me comfortable. There's enough grub on the table, and I can curl up with a discarded Chris Packham paperback. I think we need an exit strategy, though. It's a wake-up call.'

Professor Sonic conceded this point, but concluded: 'We'll go under that bridge when we come to it.'

Image: Pixabay/Alexas_Fotos

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