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Highway Code updated for cyclists

Following many years of debate about how cyclists should behave, and how other road users should respond, the Department of Transport has decided to revise the nation’s best read guidance on road use

The new rule changes include the following:

  • To avoid confusion about whether cyclists should ride on the road or pavement, they are now allowed to cycle on both. Additionally, they can also ride on bridleways, and through shopping malls, shops, car homes and schools. So, no more confusion

  • The traffic light system has also been updated. A red light for traffic now officially means cyclists can travel through without looking. Similarly, a red traffic light for pedestrians also means cyclists can cross the road without looking. This has symmetrical elegance in law, but in practice changes nothing

  • A new range of hand signals is to be made official too. If a single finger is displayed by a cyclist, this means “fuck off it’s my road”. If the same signal is shown by a motorist to a cyclist, it means “please drive in front of me like a twat”. If a motorist holds his first finger to his thumb while waving, this indicates that the cyclists tyre pressure needs adjusting

  • Priority at roundabouts is also to change. Basically, cyclists have priority, and fuck everyone else. This is current Government policy anyway

The latest Highway Code revision was signed off by the PM Boris Johnson, a cyclist

Hat tip nickb

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