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Hunt ensures smoke-free generation is also triple-lock-pension-free generation

Chancellor of the Exchequer and spouse to someone Chinese or Japanese, Jeremy Hunt, has now muddled up his generations as well as the nationality of someone he married.

Young voter, Frank Woth explained, 'What he wanted to do was triple lock my granny right up. What he has actually done is bang the last nail in the coffin of the smoke-free generation, ensuring it will also be the pension-free generation.

'Rishi Sunak's Artificial Intelligence plan will mean that mum and dad and most of their generation will be out of their jobs by next year. Which is an interesting way to make work pay.

'So with no income tax or national insurance to cover granny's pension pegged to sky-rocketing inflation as corporate directors stretch their last profit margins past breaking point.'

'The rest of us will be able to huddle together homelessly in a hole where the NHS used to be and watch the fossil fuel extractors fight over the last penny in the taxpayer pot.'

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