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Jeff Bezos hoping 'not to be left with a neighbour'

Amazon engineers have confirmed that the rocket Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is using to launch himself into space will be delivered back to Earth the next day - probably. 'We've confirmed that Jeff is a Prime member and is entitled to next day delivery,' said a company spokesman today.

It is intended that the spacecraft, which is launching from Cape Canaveral, will return to Cape Canaveral 'as long as the barcode on the outside is legible, the contents are undamaged, and all taxes applicable are paid,' added the spokesman. 'Only kidding about the tax part.'

In the event that Cape Canaveral isn't in, then the rocket will be delivered next door, which happens to be the Atlantic Ocean. 'If the ocean isn't in, we'll deliver there anyway and leave a card in the Cape,' added the spokesman.

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