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Kent man found to be Gammon "Patient Zero"

Researchers in the UK claim to have found the original or "Patient Zero" Gammon in Gillingham, Kent. Roy Simpson, 66, when tested, had the highest concentration of prejudicial, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and bigoted speech ever recorded in the UK. We went to see Roy at "Albion", his Bungalow, a Union Flag proudly flying from a pole in his front garden. We lives with his wife, Daphne, 64, and their son, Darren, 39.

"The thing is, see," he told us, "I'm not saying you're gay but that car you drove up in makes you look gay." He continued, "Nothing wrong with being gay, mind, more birds for the rest of us." He turned to his expressionless wife, "no offence, love".

He went on to tell me that immigrants don't want to integrate and they are only here to have operations on the NHS for free and then get a two million pound house for their family because they have a trans son. He also stated that he thinks that Farage guy would make a great Prime Minister but would be blocked by the Soros / Gates New World Order and Pfizer and 5G. The latter, he purports, invented by the illuminati to get the "sheeple" to comply. He maintained that he was immune as he has a higher intelligence level and hasn't had the COVID vaccine (which was also a hoax). His son Darren was furiously nodding at every word his father said whilst Daphne remained expressionless and silent.

After 2 months of study, researchers told me that on average he was offensive for 85% of his waking experience to which Roy was immediately furious about as he hates anything woke.

image from pixabay

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1 Comment

Oct 15, 2023

Gammon in Cantonese is "golden gate" 金門 .


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