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Local news reporter needlessly out in storm

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Amy Armstrong has been outside, needlessly doing pieces to camera in extremely high winds, sometimes right next to a sea wall for added drama.

Cameraman Luke Lyle said, 'If she gets drenched by a big wave or blown over, that will get us on 'It'll be alright on the night'. But the real money shot is her having a Mary Poppins moment - sent flying through the air by the storm or swept out to sea, presumably to her death. It's good TV though, think of the repeat fees.'

Armstrong added 'I'm going to interview a local eccentric, out walking despite the weather. He'll talk about the nanny state and how they never had red alerts in his day and deny the existence of climate change - ideally before he gets swept out to sea or gets smashed to smithereens by a falling tree or says something racist. Then I'll go national - fuck Mary Poppins.'

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