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Mad Max says ‘fair racing’ rules still not clear

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

After an hour-long driver briefing, during which road warriors aired their concerns about current race standards, title rivals Mad Max and Immortal Joe said it was still “not clear” what was acceptable when racing for survival in a post-apocalyptic, stark desert wasteland.

Events were precipitated last weekend. With several drivers swinging through the air in pole position, and flame-throwers, explosive tipped spears, and various forms of tyre slashing device nicely decimating the field, there was a coming together near the end with both Max and Joe claiming the racing line. At that point the safety car would normally have been deployed if only it hadn’t been totalled the race before.

Both drivers now agree the only solution is a winner-takes-all death race, and they both go out with all guns blazing. Formula One officials are said to be following proceedings with interest. As one F1 aficionado commented, “Excitement we can only dream of.”

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