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Woman in her 20s 'doesn't like Drag Race'

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

A single woman in her 20s has shocked family, friends and work colleagues alike by admitting she doesn't like Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Simone Phillips, 28, an accountant from Ledbury, posted on Facebook "Ru Paul's Drag Race? What's the point? What a joke! It's just men in frocks. LOL".

Within seconds of her posting this, she was inundated with U OK huns, deluged with You been kidnapped and quite a few WTF sistas.

She had already continued with: "Misters who wanna be sisters! WTAF!!! LOL" when the responses started to get darker and even threatening. She has now been trolled by, and received threats of violence from former friends, strangers, and Russian bots, who are also trying to convince her to join the Labour Party, watch Bake Off and sign up to Gousto.

A spokesperson for the syndication company told us: " That Simone, she ain't all that. She's not special. She's just jeal-ous. Yeah. Jealous!"

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