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Man admits object is ‘heavy’ and not ‘just awkward’

Gary Grimthwaite had initially claimed the reason he was struggling to move a chest of drawers was that it was an awkward shape.

Grimthwaite commented ‘I watched Joe Wicks PE for the first few days and I always eat at least 4,000 calories per day, because that’s what Olympic athletes do. Plus I’ve read everything by Andy McNab, so I just assumed I’d be able to move these drawers. Do they have rocks in or something?’

Grimthwaite’s girlfriend Rachel Rutherford visibly rolled her eyes, adding

‘They have socks in. Plus pants, maybe a few towels? To be fair, they are quite heavy but when I tried to help, he said he didn’t need me. So instead I got some custard creams, curled up on an armchair and watched 45 minutes of solid gold entertainment.’

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