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Man buys fishing waders instead of milk from Aldi

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

When he entered his local Aldi, Dave Wells from Hatfield had every intention of fulfilling the basic instruction from wife Cheryl to purchase milk. However, the overwhelming allure of the ‘middle aisle’ proved too much and he ended up buying fishing waders instead.

'I walked in repeating to myself milk, milk, milk – but then I looked up and it was just, f**k me, are those fishing waders? I'd heard about the middle aisle of Aldi but it's nothing to being actually confronted by it - completely mind-blowing. Where else can you buy a snail-shaped door mat and a Viking helmet-shaped coffee mug?'

'I ended up settling on the fishing waders, but it was a tough call between those, the 6-step aluminium ladder with built-in radio and a polyester Nehru-style jacket.'

Dave continued, 'I got home totally buzzing, then I saw Cheryl just standing there in the kitchen with her arms crossed – then I remembered I’d forgotten the milk. She nearly sent me back to Aldi in the waders, which I would have been totally up for, to be honest.'

Cheryl said: 'Obviously, I couldn’t trust him, so I went myself. I returned with a Disney Princess Yoga mat. Bollocks!'

Image: Pinacol/Pixabay

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