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Man who was never mis-sold PPI demands compensation

'My neighbour claimed for PPI, and he got £13000. His cousin got £12000. Me - I didn't get a penny,' complained Bruce Aldridge today. 'I never fell for that PPI shit - first they tried pre ticking the box, I always spotted that, then they did the dirty little trick where they left the box empty, but you had to tick it to opt out. Sneaky, but it never caught me out,' he added.

Bruce is fuming that he's being penalised for being aware of the scams banks were playing. 'I could have let them mis-sell to me and I'd be loaded now, but because I've been careful I'm the only person in my group who can't afford to go on holiday next year. Bruce is campaigning for compensation for those who didn't get mis-sold PPI. 'There must be dozens like me,' he said today.

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