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Met Police trials new slogan - “Most of us aren’t too bad”

The beleaguered PR department of London’s Metropolitan Police is understood to be trialling a new slogan - “Most of us aren’t too bad”.

The move follows the Angiolini Inquiry into the murder of Sarah Everard by serving police officer Wayne Couzens. This found that Couzens had committed many sexual offences beforehand, none of which resulted in his arrest or even being fired, and also that he had shared appalling WhatsApp messages with other officers in which they joked about sexual assault. Moreover, since her murder it has come to light that another officer in the same unit, David Carrick, was also a serial rapist.

A spokesman said he wished to make it clear that such officers were a tiny minority within the Met, and that most officers were quite content with sharing photos of murdered women and rating their attractiveness out of 10.

When a female Met officer complained that this was also unacceptable behaviour, the spokesman rolled his eyes, said she’d “probably got the painters in” and he “didn’t fancy her anyway”.

Image from pixabay

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