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Newspaper mocked on Twitter for reporting what’s happening on Twitter as journalism

A well-known newspaper has been widely mocked on Twitter for a series of articles consisting of nothing more than reporting that people were being mocked on Twitter.

It began when they reported that a public figure was being mocked on Twitter for what he had to say about a recent film.

'like wtaf? just repeating what ppl are saying on twitter isnt news' tweeted @toomuchfreetime

'totes its just like so lame lmao' agreed @obeseneckbeard

'why dont they stick to top 10 lists, i rlly like them' added @neverseensunlight

'ill never read it again, or anything else with more than 148 characters' added @livinginmomsbasement

In a late development, a satirical news website was mocked on Twitter for bothering to cover the story.

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