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Obama, Bush & Clinton to be injected on TV – but sadly not lethally.

All three former Presidents have volunteered to be vaccinated on TV, although most US citizens are happy to swap the vaccine for something a bit stronger. While most say they favour injection, 26% still preferred the electric chair, with 12% saying ‘hangings too good for them’.

Technically the death penalty is outlawed in many states, but they have said they will make an exception for those three. The intention is to increase public confidence in Coronavirus vaccines, but the opportunity to rid the world of three habitual liars may be too much to pass up.

Outgoing President Trump has already had the Coronavirus and is technically immune to anything related to science. Whereas President Biden has been suspicious of needles, ever since Dignitas offered a health check before his inaugural ball.

Presidents Bush and Obama will be seen to by a qualified doctor, while Mr. Clinton insisted on Carry on Nurse. Said one viewer: ‘Experiencing a small prick on TV is nothing. It’s exactly what we had to put up with, whenever one of them said something to camera.’

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