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Office chair with jacket hanging off it wins award

An office chair with a jacket hanging off it was today named "Employee of the month" by a leading City firm.

"It's a hugely competitive environment," explained the jacket's owner, Jeremy Shirtsleeves. "You're looked down on if you go home at half five, even if you don't really have anything to do.

"Fortunately someone told me about this trick where you leave your desk lamp on and your jacket over your chair, then anyone who walks past thinks you've just nipped out for a moment.

"I couldn't believe how well it worked. I started going home earlier and earlier, until I was hardly in the office at all. And I still got emails commending me for the hours I was putting in."

The whole scheme unravelled, however, when the firm wanted to make Shirtsleeves their "Employee of the month", but when he couldn’t be found, had to give the award to the chair.

Slightly overstuffed, beginning to creak with age and showing a few threadbare patches, Shirtsleeves is a specialist in Asian commodity markets.

image from pixabay

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