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Police detectives to be trained to ask supplementary questions

'Far too many police dramas depict detectives going to interview a suspect, asking one specific question, leaving to repeat the activity with several other suspects before returning to the first suspect and asking a supplementary question that must have been obvious the first time around,' said police trainer Brian Filch. 'They must have got the idea from somewhere and we know scriptwriters shadow real police officers for background knowledge, so we suspect this is happening in real life. If it is then the carbon footprint alone must be huge,' he added.

Police on Brian's training courses are also going to be encouraged to not gather all the potential suspects together in a room, or on a beach veranda, and untangle the facts of the case without issuing a caution or allowing legal representation. 'Apart from the legal nightmare of not reading them their rights, the passing around of physical evidence is likely to create massive loopholes in the eventual court case,' he said. 'It's not professional and shouldn't happen,' he added before dismissing journalists.

'One other thing,' he was heard to say as the journalists reached the door.

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