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Pop world rocked by revelation that Dawn Butler was 6th Spice Girl

The music industry and pop fans all over the world have been stunned by the sensationalist news that Dawn Butler, the Member of Parliament for Brent, was the sixth Spice Girl.

Dawn B, codename Truthy Spice, was in the original Spice Girls line-up, but band manager Richard E Grant threw her out for being too honest and sincere. "She displayed levels of integrity we had never encountered before and was just too damn dependable. I told her to stop being factually correct all of the time or she was out. No one likes to hear that their middle name doesn't begin with E. We just couldn't take her being right and honourable any more, so I made her pack her bags and go and be an MP."

"It was such a shame she had to go," said a tearful Geri Halliwell recalling her close friendship with Truthy Spice. "Dawn B was the only one I ever really trusted. She had so much talent and could actually sing. She even wore that skimpy Union Jack dress better."

Former Posh Spice Victoria Beckham said, *pout*.

Scary Spice Mel B recalled, "Truthy Spice said that it would have been funnier if we had called that song Beaver Forever. And you know what? She was right. That's real girl power."

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