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Popes agree to appear in 50th Anniversary of Dr Who

Traditionally Popes sign an exclusivity deal when appearing in any syndicated show but the Vatican has made an exception for this landmark event, with not one but two Popes! Pope Benedict’s last appearance had been about an alternate universe where Nazis had taken over the Vatican, but the lure of working again with Billie Piper proved too much of a temptation for the aged pontiff. As usual fans will argue over who is the definitive Pope but all agree that it was not Pope Joan (played by Sylvester McCoy).

The episode, to be screened on 23 November, is titled 'All roads lead to Rome' which fans have interpreted as a veiled reference to NSPCC investigations from earlier seasons. It will feature the return of the Cybermen and the Pope’s arch nemesis the Methodists.

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