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Pushy dad already playing Haaland compilation to son in womb

A pushy dad has already started playing football compilations of Erling Haaland to his son in-utero.

Jack Cavanagh, a mega Manchester City fan, is determined to have his son follow in the footsteps of the Norwegian goal machine, who has been dominating since his arrival in the Premier League this summer.

The striking phenomenon has left Jack eager for his son to be the same headline grabber.

Jack said: “You may have seen a lot of tweets about Project Mbappe, but this is the new thing hero people are talking about.

“I strapped up some earphones to my wife’s belly, so that my son can hear Haaland dominating. I hope that some of his skills can filter through to my son’s subconscious. If it works, he’s a legend, if not, I’ll still take him to training every week, whether he likes it or not.”

Jack has also started reciting Norwegian phases to give his so that his son might get extra Scandinavian striking abilities.

His wife, Maria, said: “I’m not bothered to be honest. Whatever makes him happy. I make sure to play influencer videos when Jack’s out though, so at this point it’s a toss-up on what we’ll be forcing our son to be.”

image from pixabay

Author: CaptainParrot

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