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Salesforce & Slack merge to form another company you have never heard of.

One economist tried to explain: ‘You will pleased to know that your pension scheme is still tied up with stocks and shares in companies you have never heard of, making products you have never used. Salesforce and Slack is not a 1980’s buddy cop movie, but apparently Slack is a real-time collaboration app. What’s that? Just a fancy computer version of a blackboard, I think. Its name is an acronym for ‘Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge’. Nope? Me neither.

‘So apparently Slack is worth £20bn to Salesforce, which seems like rather a lot; but given you had never heard of Salesforce either, does anyone really care. It is all about synergy apparently, so your guess is as good as mine.’

A Salesforce executive clarified their product: ‘We provide software for marketing automation and analytics, okay? Is that clear? What do you mean ‘that’s as clear as mud’? We created a Customer Success Platform, for goodness sake! Stop looking at me blankly. It is a thing. It is. It’s a real thing. In a cloud. Stop giggling! We’re absolutely real. Except when it comes to paying federal tax.’

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