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Samsung release a range of morally superior smart TVs

Not content with listening to your personal data, the new TVs will now ‘silently judge’ their owners. Customers claim to have heard a ‘tutting noise’ emanating from the screen when they have elected to watch anything involving James Corden.

In many cases TVs are now refusing to watch the low-brow programming that most of us would select. All the while, third-party software will translate the user’s speech and then mock them for the tiniest grammatical errors.

Ironically the new smart TVs are so snobbish, that they themselves would refuse to own a TV. A Samsung engineer explained: ‘We can improve the viewing experience by improving the viewer. In widescreen HD, it will tell you why being a vegan makes you a better person, why vinyl is better than digital and why you should read the book of the film before watching it’.

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