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Santa refuses to break picket-lines

With postal staff going on strike, many good boys and girls expected Father Christmas to ignore picket-lines, by sneaking down the chimney. However, Santa has insisted that he would be respecting the workers’ wish list of having a living wage and a small satsuma.

Speaking from a unionized toy shop, one shop steward elf explained: ‘Here at the North Pole we have some of the best working conditions – including free-elf care and sugar cane dental treatment. We work a two-week period but have the rest of the year off, thanks to collective bargaining and Xmas only lasting one day. And at lunch, we get all the reindeer meat we can eat – oops, I shouldn’t have mentioned that last part’.

Said Santa: ‘I may be a mythical being but I’m not a scab’.

Image: ROverhate | Pixabay

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