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Second Hand Hot Tub Market Buoyant

Anyone wanting to buy a hot tub has a wealth of second-hand options to choose from this year. The lockdown one novelty has entirely worn off and people are no longer spending time being moist with their household in the back yard. The snobbery of inflatable versus traditional wooden has reversed, with the inflatable purchasers being able to reclaim their outdoor space and shove the deflated PVC into the shed.

Hot tubs have now overtaken trampolines as the cumbersome garden eyesore that estate agents try to ignore. Long abandoned trampoline Jumpy McJumpface said “It’s all fun and games when you join the neighbours in the latest outdoor craze but a few years down the line when you can feel your elastic sagging and birds have pooed on you quite comprehensively it’s a different matter.”

image from pixabay

author : saraht

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